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Ruffle = World-Security-Standard Oct-2022
Ruffle = no installation: never!!! Runs automatically everywhere ! ! !

Worldwide safest ™Preprocessor® 3000articles-Shop and 6000articles-Shop:

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The highest security is now in the ruffle – according to the consortium from California!

Copernicus used to say that the earth was round. (Source Wikipedia)

Nikolaus Kopernikus (born February 19, 1473 in Thorn, † May 24, 1543 in Frauenburg; actually Niklas Koppernigk,Latinized Nicolaus Cop[p]ernicus, Polonized Mikolaj Kopernik) was a canon of the Prince‐Bishopric of Warmia in Prussia, aswell as an astronomer and doctor, who also dedicated to mathematics and cartography. In his main work Derevolutionibus orbium coelestium from 1543, he describes a heliocentric world view, according to which the earth is aplanet, rotates around its own axis and also moves around the sun like the other planets. The reception of the work led tothe upheaval that is known as the "Copernican turning point" and represents one of the caesuras in historical science thatmark the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times. In addition, he interprets in the work for the first time the slowshift of the vernal equinox as a change in direction of the earth's axis.

"The Internet world is Google Play and Apple Store" ( the earth is not cloudy ! )
Google‐Android – Apple – Microsoft:

(the browsers of all security of all browsers in the ruffle and without installations [superfluous])

"The world is safe in the ruffle container in our browsers" recently also for the business world and has been happening for 5 days before the end of the year from December 24th, 2022.



Play and shop on Ruffles from the USA and from the year 2023. So from the
New York Times, from California (USA)


Druckerei international
Oberhardstrasse 20a
CH-4900 Langenthal/BE
Kontakt: Andreas Lützenberger
Direkt: + 41 62 922 54 92 CH-Langenthal, 2.1.2023



Ruffle allows only a small number of possibilities of reloading, corresponding to the Ruffle, in addition to this, it is monitored by the Microsoft - Apple - Android operating system itself and not by the anti-virus Internet security!

In all browsers of all devices, the desktop and smartphones and tablets are monitored

at the third level on «very strictly» by the device manufacturers themselves.


The surrounding part of an ordinary HTML5 website and also the PHP server‐side part of the HTML5 resp. https socket layers security for exampleon all traditional e‐commerce websites, the download is also monitored bythis setting. It seems that both, whether container ruffle or HTML5, are monitored equally well by the respective browsers of the operating systems. Which isn't exactly true. Since Ruffle's reloading is severely limited by the Ruffle's components. This makes it much easier for browser and device manufacturers to keep security high. While the surrounding part of traditional websites is open unlimited download possibility especially regarding PHP, and device and browser manufacturers as well as Antivirus internet security manufacturers need to do more to keep security high. There is also the problem of speed. If there are any dangerous reloads in

Ruffle (I don't think that's possible), but let's assume they existed, they would be recognized immediately and very quickly by the large consortium Microsoft ‐ Google Android ‐ Apple. Much faster than the other expensive and many millions larger dangers in the possible malware and server‐sidedownload options around the container ruffle.


Conclusion: the scope is very limited and the security at level 3 is huge everywhere. Not to say that Ruffle is not the most secure browser part currently available.





Biggest security in Ruffle?

Why is Ruffle safer?




Compare open php ecommerce to
as2 php ruffle ecommerce

Ecommerce in Ruffle is better. There are no third parties standing between the actual surfer as a customer and you as the shop owner of a Ruffleshop. And also no chains from third parties like all possible shop connections.

For "small, medium-sized" shop operators without IT employees, i.e. without any computer scientists, this brings the clearly most efficient e-commerce, as just mentioned, with a Ruffleshop .de ~s, also because of the low one-time purchase price and without maintenance and updates. com!

And not only because of the low price, or because of the update-free operation and because of the lack of maintenance and support, the Ruffleshop .de shows itself from a completely different side than the stronger one. It is the point of view of the kfm. Processing without third parties as already mentioned. You browse page by page on the server like in a bookshop, which loads page by page very quickly up to a maximum of 6000 articles. The kernel reloads 5 images for each page and adds the corresponding text - page to page to article 6000. But then you get to the kfm. Processing in your own e-mail application, i.e. everyone is then responsible for sending it themselves, a PDF documentation of the shopping cart, or even just a rough note on the desktop as a file in an editor or Word saved for the time being. Thus third parties are never present. And no chains from third parties like elsewhere.

Ruffleshop is considered the safest e-commerce in Ruffle because it is kfm. continues in the home office of each customer and not somewhere in exposed places outside of their own home office. There is a large interface here, which is very important for the legal perspective of "ruffle shopping" on the Internet. Ruffle belongs to the Apple device, Windows PC and Android devices themselves and is like a sure hand from the manufacturer himself, who holds a Ruffleshop item out of the screen like a safe hand, from which the item can then be taken directly to the home desk and can put it there.

Everything else that is conventional does not correspond to reality, but is foreign to the home office and dangerous; everything you have known so far is included. All sorts of forms of e-commerce websites. Example: we don't like to write recipes in other clouds or on a remote hosting server, we like to save them ourselves on our hard drive. Above all, interruptions in the Internet or slow antenna connections for smartphones are clearly easier for Ruffleshop to cope with, since everything immediately slips into the compartment of a corresponding e-mail application (customer's standard e-mail program on the smartphone) and no longer crashes there until the outgoing mail can be sent later when the radio interference is over.



Photo below: Apple iPhone 7Plus


as2-php-Ruffle-E-Commerce – what’s that?

We from Switzerland-Germany-Silicon-Valley are about 3 years ahead of the world security standard "Ruffle Project". The number 2 also indicates this technically.
It is the middle and only machine-language (php, java, as2 = all roughly the same machine languages, non-object-oriented, because it is fluent in machine language = software-wise) programming language of the very limited and rare Ruffle application programs worldwide, formerly published as a rare printing license, of which we serve 3 jobs with it (production lines 1 to 3 for worldwide production). The number 2 also means the head start at the moment, until the American group, for example with "Ruffle Professional 2025 against the fall" in its printing licenses under Adobe Creatives printing-houses, will march worldwide. Then it will be about as long again until a tiny competitor catches up with us and will also offer e-commerce worldwide in the world security standard. Today it's just game factories.

With our factory 2, however, Printing-Houses-21 - Ruffle-launch ramps are ready for all the population of the world. The English language versions should not be underestimated. It serves everyone in the world to present themselves legibly in a few captions within the

Starting in January 2023, the launch ramps will be of great interest to everyone around the world on the here with this website. Also technically explained why: it is the kernels (machine-programmed unit compiled as a factory part in the machine on the server) that are outside of the IT-open-PHP (®Preprocessor™ = our world trade mark for factory 1 products 1 to 5 and also for Fabrik 2 product Ruffleshop) here in Fabrik 2 as a compiled kernel (or when combining the products also as a switched double kernel, one each for desktop 046 - 050 and one for smartphones 031 - 045 = double kernel circuits of two kernels are therefore possible with our mobile radio market tool in PHP open header of html5 index.php included in the header part) are in all disposable articles ZIP 031.php to ZIP 050.php. See


2022-12-14 IT of America (Microsoft, Apple, Android)
flood IT in Switzerland (IT-Swiss men are daily
mailing to me aggressiv here in this country) with
Ruffle-Worldsecurity-Standard for all browsers
of all mobiles and all desktops of world.

A. Lützenberger with ™Preprocessor®
the Appenzeller dog in his local
with the Vreni's of Switzerland